Burnt fingers!     


After Finding a Steampunk Motorcycle I was intrigued.
A Google search of "Steampunk" Found a world of
Victorian styled modern technology.
Inspired by a Steampunk mouse, I decided to build my own.
Not a copy but a completely new design.
I bought a
very cheap optical mouse and set about
*carefully dismantling* destroying it.

After chopping round the circuit board mounting pegs,
I marked round it to slot it into some 1/4" mahogany sheet.

The button microswitches were removed to be used in a more
suitable place and also the blue L.E.D. This will be replaced with an orange one.
The reason for this will become clear later !


A housing was made for the scroll wheel and the circuit board.
The scroll wheel looked very plasticy. (Probably due to it being plastic).
A very short length of 22mm copper pipe became the new "rim" after
the wheel was dremelled to size.


A front deck was made from mahogany and the sides were lowered to
make the scroll wheel more usable. The front deck was enlarged to improve
the look of the mouse.


After literally hours (OK, a long time) measuring, A location was found for
the microswitches. They were located centrally under my fingerprints after
checking my hand location on top of the mouse. (If you are building something
for yourself, you might as well make it fit).


Two oblongs of copper will be used as buttons. the front deck was temporarily 
screwed in place and the plates located. they will be free to move vertically on two
brass pins made from screws. They will be prevented from falling off by curved
copper wire.

The rear of the mouse will be home to a more "Steampunk" kind of innards.
Hence the orange L.E.D. The innards will be housed in a copper cage to prevent
"Burns" from the contents.


With the front deck marked out, holes were drilled for 2 push-rods
to press the microswitches.


These were left a little long to be trimmed later. It's easy to shorten stuff but
you can't lengthen stuff.


Started making "Innards".
Mr. Varnish pays a visit.


Microswitches glued in place (Carefully) and "furnace" started.


Switches soldered to PCB......burnt fingers and anger pay a visit!


*Coal* added to furnace. Coal is black silicone sealant and a particularly splendid
roadside find......Smashed car windscreen bits. 


Safety cage glued in place after innards are added.
Front deck components glued in place. things are trimmed and adjusted
to ensure smooth operation. 



All Done ! Will it work? 


Like a BEAST! Hurrah!

Back to the shed for

Because people have asked......


The optical USB mouse was from ebay. 1 penny plus
£3.99 post. £4.00

I had to buy the mahogany. 2x 36" x 3" sheets £12.00
I only used about 18" total, so £3.00 for wood.

The brass bits were from a local scrap merchant.
" A quid in the tea box".

Most of the copper....the mouse wheel and the
finger plates were flattened copper heating pipe I had
spare. About 4"

The rear cage was untwisted heavy copper wire.
I'm not sure what it supplied originaly but it was about 1/2" diameter.
8" length, " A quid in the tea box".

I bought an orange LED but now have a spare blue one

Varnish I had

Total, about £9.00 or about $18.00

Time ?

Because I did no measuring or planning, it took a long time.
Things were offered into place then cut / modified to fit.
I suppose about 15 to 20 hours total. If I was to make a copy, Probably
about 10 hours plus drying time for stuff.


I’ve started to build a Mk2 version. This one will have a bit more planning
and measuring before I start so while it will be more complicated,
it should be quicker to make.

Just waiting for the optical mouse to arrive !